We offer the best in PET Resin Manufacturing as well as Spinning Mill products. Our PET Resin Plant currently holds an annual capacity of 38,000MT of quality chips, Co - PET and Homo – PET Resins for making pre-forms and bottles, along with A – PET Resin for all types of rigid packaging such as trays, lids and covers. Our Spinning Mill annually produces 10,000 Metric Tonnes of Compact Ring Spinning, Air Jet and Open End Yarn.

Company Commitment
Our company endorses strict measures on the quality of our products, whether it is PET Resin or Spinning Yarn. Our prominent client database covers Japan, Korea, Taiwan, China, Hong Kong, USA, Australia, Turkey, Vietnam, Cambodia and of course, locally in Malaysia. As we grow, our clientele continues to expand globally as we strive endlessly to improve our products.

Strict, private company standards allow our clients to take ease, knowing that we prioritize client satisfaction. We are most committed to provide products that meet the most stringent international standards.

High precision testing procedures and state-of-the-art laboratory equipment is complemented by first-rate technical expertise. Our company believes in a long term business partnership with our customers through exchange of information on products and market trends, technical assistance, support and prompt deliveries of a quality performance product.

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